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Healthy Mocktails Ruby Tuesday

ruby tuesday

Crisp and cool weekday refreshment

Healthy Mocktails Mint Collins

mint collins

This citrus and tonic-based mocktail is perfect for a lazy fall afternoon.

sober chic

Healthy Mocktails Sober Chic

Whether you are celebrating dry January, dry July or a longer-term break from drinking, you may have discovered that most restaurants, and homes in the U.S. don’t offer much in the way of alcohol alternatives.

Tonic or with lime or salty Virgin Marys wear thin pretty quickly.

Many European restaurants, and a few in larger U.S. cities are beginning to offer an alternative with artisanal no-alcohol cocktails. Some even feature their new concoctions at the top of their beverage menus, above the standard alcohol-based drinks.

Most non-alcoholic offerings are loaded with sugar, carbs, and calories. Others require exotic ingredients and hours of prep work.

We at Healthy Mocktails will be providing healthier options with recipes that are both easy-to-make and fun to drink.

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